PUSH is an exercise- gaming social platform that  enhances the exercise experience through virtual reality technology 



Our team researched potential business opportunities using virtual reality technology. Using virtual reality headsets, conducting primary and secondary research, and working through a variety of forecasting techniques, we found a potential opportunity in the exercise-gaming market.

Team Members- Aarish Netarwala, Chen Chen, Mathew Clark, Myungwhan Choi



User Experience





Only 18% of people who buy gym memberships use them consistently with 80% dropping out in the first 5 months. The two biggest factors are motivation and interaction.


Popular fitness products such as Strava and Jawbone, Fitbit, have shown us there is a growing market space in competitive social exercise be it with friends or users on a platform. 

Desktop HD Copy 16.png

How Push works



PUSH Interface

A visualization of how a cycling circuit would look.

Push uses mixed reality technology to overlay the game environment on top of the existing environment to allow the users to see both their surroundings and the visuals from the headset. 


Rollout features


the numbers

After researching the market size based on age, income and access or ownership of fitness equipment, we see a market size of 15 million fitness enthusiasts.

Conservatively estimating our market share at 5% in 5 years, the revenue projections in year 5 are shown on the right. 

Revenue Projections.png

System model

A breakdown of how we plan to run the business, the wearable band is contract manufactured. PUSH will have to invest in software, research and development maintenance and care. 


Exercise-gaming Market Positioning

Competitive advantage

Push I 2016