SleepWave is a pad that slides easily under the mattress of A baby’s crib producing a variety of sleep inducing motions that allows Babies & parents get a good nights sleep



We were asked to tackle the problem of sleep deprivation. The National Sleep Awareness Roundtable (NSART) aims to reduce sleep deprivation in the U.S. , by generating business opportunities that attract financial investment and development.

Team - Aarish Netarwala, Evan Howard, Mathew Clark, Tom GIlmore



Parents lose an average of 6 months sleep in the first 24 months of their child's life.

In the U.S. 4 million children are born each year and their sleep pattern affects up to 6-8 million parents/caretakers. 



Product Design


The Solution

Our research findings uncover that motions caused by rocking, traveling in a car, simulate those experienced by a baby in the womb, generating familiarity that is known to induce sleep. 



In our research we found there were either motion baby seats for soothing babies or cribs for sleeping. Sleepwave was aimed at combining the two to deliver a safe but viable alternative to soothe and allow the baby to sleep in the same place.


How it works

Sleepwave pad

The pad placed under the crib mattress works by using two smooth actuator systems that can be customized by the user. The motion stops when it no longer senses that the baby is crying. 


Market Analysis

Women today are having children later in life at a stage where they have more disposable income. The roles of mothers are being folded into everyday life. Sales projections for baby products are on the rise.



The numbers

We plan to make money by selling  sleepwave pads at $250 & sleepwave cribs at $400. Illustrated is what 1% market share looks like. We hope to gain 7% over 3 years.

Market size based on number of births per year, age & income level.

The numbers.png

Design Strategy & Safety

Competitive Advantage



Sleepwave I 2016