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Generating opportunities For millennials entering midlife


This project is based on generating opportunities by conducting primary research and secondary research. The results are then synthesized through a series of frameworks and mapping techniques generating several insights and opportunities. The result is 4 ideas for potential developement of which 1 has been developed further. 


Qualitative Research

User Experience



What are the values & belief structure for millennials who are entering their adulthood & midlife?  

I conducted research interviews using generative design exercises with 4 diverse millennials and 1 expert interviewee as well

Through the analysis and mapping several insights & opportunities were discovered

Key Findings

The pride in ownership has been offset to other areas, a lot of millennials don't feel the need to own a car or a house but appreciate access to them . The pride of ownership comes through taking ownership of personal time, creating things, mastering skills and hobbies from making quality coffee to becoming really good at cross-fit.

The pride in ownership has been offset to other areas
Meaningful activity with a purpose is valued  
Exposure to social media has an impact on the mindset

Insights & Opportunities

1. The Social Office

Insight: Workplaces need to make clear their values and impact as millennials strive for a meaningful work experience. The structure of organization should encourage a community and social appreciation for each employee

Opportunity: There is an opportunity to provide a better office experience. The Social Office Aims to do that allowing for remote work, shared online workspace, and opportunities for engagement & recognition. 




2. Custom living

Insight: Millennials value physical items that have a sentiment behind them. Creation is one instance of providing such value. It is not only an accomplishment but also evokes pride in ownership that cannot be gotten from mass consumed products due to their cyclic nature.

Opportunity: There is an opportunity to encourage creativity through a physical act that evokes strong sentiments such as ownership. Some people call this the "Ikea Effect"



3. debatable

Insight: Millennial parents, much like their own generations diversity, encourage their children to explore their individuality.

There is an opportunity to explore children's individuality though games that allow them to form their own opinions, discuss and debate interesting topics with their families. 



4. Relive

Insight: Millennials will always feel the need to share, collect and log life on social media. It doesn't stop with having a family, it is still considered a connection to a community

Opportunity: Celebrate and log life in context of moments to experience, so that one may revisit them at a later stage in life. 


I further developed Relive as a concept that would incorporate an immersive viewing experience in a time when millennials would look back at their lives that had been recorded in various digital formats over several platforms. Relive allows you to sort through your digital content by tag, time, audio detection, geolocation and name. You can view your recorded media alone, with a family member, a freind and share it to social platforms as well. Heres what it could look like -  


Opportunities for millennials in midlife I 2016