understanding the values and needs of millennials entering midlife to create new business opportunities



By creating a research outline and conducting methodical qualitative research, we created a trove of information. Through a series of information sorting frameworks and mapping techniques the research generated several insights and opportunities. The result is 4 conceptual ideas for potential development.



Qualitative Research

Conceptual Development


Research goal

What are the values & belief structure for millennials who are entering their midlife?  

Conducted research interviews using generative design exercises with 4 diverse millennials and 1 expert interviewee.

Key Findings


4 Opportunities

1. The social Office


2. Custom Living - Building sentimental value into furniture


3. Debatable - Parent & Child Game


4. Relive - Personal Memories


I further developed Relive as a concept that would incorporate an immersive viewing experience in a time when millennials would look back at their lives that had been recorded in various digital formats over several platforms. Relive allows you to sort through your digital content by tag, time, audio detection, geolocation and name. You can view your recorded media alone, with a family member, a freind and share it to social platforms as well. Heres what it could look like -  


Research Process

The first step was creating a research outline with a "hunt question"- the research goal. This was framed around understanding the values needs and motivations for millennials entering their adulthood and midlife. After refining the interviewee criteria, the next step was framing the main 3 research methods.

Selecting the right research methods

Re-organising and mapping data

Gathered data

Gathered data

Opportunities for millennials in midlife I 2016