A new design language & Digital transition strategy for prismacolor



Working with Newell Brands, the two objectives of the project were - 

1.Individually evolve Prismacolor's Premier product line to become the preferred choice for professional artist & designers.

2.Create a roadmap for Prismacolor for the next 10 years.Strategy Team - Aarish Netarwala, Tom Gilmore, Xinyao Liu



Newell Brands


Product Design



About Prismacolor

Prismacolor is a brand of professional artists' supplies that produces colored pencils, pastels and art markers currently owned and operated by Newell Brands.

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Proposed Road map

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2017 - Evolve Brand To Focus on ProfessionalS


Developing a new brand language


Design considerations & Decisions



Moving into 2019


  • "If Prismacolor is not selling color pencils and markers, what are they selling?"

  • We believe Prismacolor can leverage their expertise to fulfill their brand promise of 'Artists Achieving Mastery'. 

  • Looking towards the future we see focussing on the professional market means focusing on digital as well.


2019 - Prismacolor Level Up

Prismacolor Level Up is a tablet based learning and drawing tool catered to enthusiasts who aspire to learn professional techniques and professionals who seek to Level Up on their skills.

  • High quality tutorials created by Prismacolor
  • Interactive tutorials with audio and visual feedback for each stroke on screen
  • Does not have all the distractions of doing everything, learn the right process 

Prismacolor Level Up Trailer


Moving into 2025

Through our Level Up product, we grow our user base and cater to new segments such as high school kids, art programs and adult coloring users that aspire to a new level of creation. By understanding our users behavior through data analytics, we start exploring opportunities in gesture recognition & predictive analytics.  

We are still producing color pencils and art markers with volumes depending on market demand.

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Prismacolor 2025

Prismacolor is in the business of making everyone creative through smart drawing. What is smart drawing? it is using your preferences to make your drawing work faster, more beautiful and expressive. Prismacolor helps convey your idea to the best of its possibilities through aids learnt through your drawing style and preferences.


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