Aarish believes designers can lead the way in the creation of successful products, services, and systems through strategic innovation and human-centered design. He has a passion for uncovering and developing new and innovative opportunities that add value to users and the business.

Aarish has experience working as an Industrial designer in cross-disciplinary teams in Singapore and India that have brought products to the market in a wide range of industries from medical to fast moving consumer goods. Having lived in 3 countries and travelled to 15, Aarish brings with him, an understanding of different cultures, markets and is empathetic towards human behavior and mindsets in different parts of the world.

Aarish holds a masters degree in Industrial Design from the ArtCenter College of Design. He also holds an MBA from the Claremont Graduate University. 

Beyond design, his interests include entrepreneurship, photography, travel and reading up on history. 



Email : aarish.netarwala@gmail.com


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